MantisTouch Features

MantisTouch is a web application that optimizes MantisHub for mobile phones. If users click on a MantisHub email from the email client, it will open the browser and open this issue in MantisTouch for better readability.



                 MantisTouch Dashboard                                                         Report an Issue


MantisTouch provides mobile optimized experience for the following features:

  • Browse through issue list
  • View details of an issue
  • Report, Edit, Delete or Comment on an issue
  • Download attachments for an issue
  • Edit or Delete a comment
  • Go to issue by ID
  • Filter issues by standard or custom filters
  • Accept auto-redirects from MantisHub when users visit it using a mobile device.
  • Multi-project support



                              Issue List                                                            Issue Details         


You can also add a shortcut to your mobile home screen and it will effectively work as a mobile app! Check out the steps on how to do this on you iPhone or Android.



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