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MantisHub REST APIs

MantisHub offers a REST API that allows remotely accessing MantisHub from your language of choice. The API can provide a great way to integrate MantisHub into your build system, IDEs, test management systems, other SaaS applications, or your own applications.

For a full list of MantisHub APIs and their documentation follow this link. If you don't already have Postman installed you can download it here. Postman works for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


To access the REST API you will need to generate an API token. If however, you have enabled public access to MantisHub via anonymous access then an access token is not required.

REST Endpoint

To access the target instance replace the first “yourmantishubname” in the URL below with the MantisHub sub-domain. Note that the URL below represent the base path for all REST APIs.

Sample Request using curl from your terminal window.

Get all issues that are unassigned

curl --request GET \ --url '' \ --header 'Authorization: replace-with-user-api-token'

API Resources

  • Issues - Retrieve one issue, retrieve issues matching a filter, create, delete or update issues, add notes, tags, relationships, attachments, etc.
  • Projects - Get a full list of all projects accessible to logged in user along with project specific configuration like categories, versions, custom fields, etc.
  • Filters - Retrieve all filters definitions, a single filter definition, or delete filters.
  • Users - Create or delete users or retrieve your user information.
  • Configuration - Retrieve one or many configuration options.
  • Localized Strings - Retrieve one or many Local Strings.

The API library is still growing so be sure to refer to the Postman documentation for the most up-to-date API definitions.

Command Line

For command line access, we have implemented a PowerShell module based on Microsoft Powershell core which works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It is also possible to use curl to access the REST API from the command line. curl is available by default for Mac and Linux distributions.

Client Libraries

You can use any HTTP or REST API library of choice for the language used to access MantisHub.

What about SOAP API?

The REST API is the recommended way to integrate with MantisHub. The SOAP API is on a deprecation path. It is recommended that integrations using SOAP API switch to REST API since SOAP API will be removed in a future release.

MantisHub might just be the ticket tracking tool you have been waiting for. It's lovingly handcrafted in Seattle