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Storage and User Pack Charges

Each of our plans come with a set of included user accounts and a data storage allowance. Plan allowances are:

  • Gold - 15 users & 5GB.
  • Platinum - 30 users & 10GB storage.
  • Platinum Bulk plan options for 100+ users (contact support for details or check out the website pricing calculator).

As your team grows and you add more MantisHub users or increase your data, we will automatically add 'User Packs' which cover 5 user accounts or 'Storage Packs' for 1GB extra data as needed. Packs are priced monthly, but you can receive a significant discount if you are paying annually.

We check your account once a month for user account or storage increases and decreases. If we find an increase that requires an added pack, we'll pro-rate the cost of the pack up until your next renewal date. If we find a decrease, then will we add a pro-rated credit to your account. Monthly plans will have the charge accrued until next renewal whereas annual plans will be charged as user packs are added.

User packs cost $15pm for monthly plans and $132pa for annual plans.

Storage packs cost $3.60pm per GB for monthly plans and $32pa per GB for annual plans.

Let's take an example of a Gold plan and the corresponding pricing based on the number of user accounts:

You can track your usage on your Plan Information page. If your requirements change, you can switch plans at anytime.

MantisHub might just be the ticket tracking tool you have been waiting for. It's lovingly handcrafted in Seattle