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Transferring Account Owner

When creating a MantisHub account you need to register an email address as the account owner, administrator and key contact point for billing and other important correspondence.

To protect your account, we do not make changes to your MantisHub unless it has been requested via the administrator email address that is registered as the account owner.

Therefore it is important to either use a generic email account that you can internally manage to allow relevant access, include other authorized users by adding them as a contact, or ensure that in the event the registered owner relocates, they transfer ownership of the MantisHub account.

They can transfer ownership by:

  1. Creating a new administrator account in your MantisHub or nominate an existing administrator account to be the new account owner.

  2. Updating the contact details on your account via the Billing tab.

If the owner/admin has left your company without transferring ownership, than any other user with administrator access to your MantisHub can update the contact details.

If you have no other administrators defined, then contact our support team via an email from the same company domain and we will go through a process of validating the transfer to make sure the customer data is protected.

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