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Password Strength Plugin

MantisHub recommended solution for implementing login rules and policies is to use our Single-Sign-On (SSO) integrations. This allows you to implement more advances login policies including 2FA which is highly utilized. Read more about the advantages of our SSO integrations here or head directly to the setup documentation listed below for your chosen supported provider.

However, as there are no specific requirements around MantisHub account passwords, if you simply wish to make sure your users create stronger passwords, we do offer the Password Strength plugin (available with qualifying plans).

Activating this plugin will not impact existing passwords. However, if a new user is created or an existing user resets their password then new password creation parameters will be enforced.

The password plugin will require that passwords:

  • MUST contain at least 8 characters
  • MUST contain at least 1 uppercase letter
  • MUST contain at least 1 lowercase letter
  • MUST contain at least 1 number
  • MUST contain at least 1 special character (Note: the '_' underscore character is not considered a special character)

How to install:

Administrators can install the plugin by going to Manage - Manage Plugins and clicking the 'Install' button next to the PasswordStrength plugin listed under Available Plugins.

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