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MS SQL and PostgreSQL Conversion to MySQL

For customers wishing to utilize our migration services but whose current MantisBT database is MS SQL or PostgreSQL, it's possible to convert your database over to MySQL.

Backup your MantisBT data (don't skip this step!)

  • Backup MantisBT code, config, and database. This is important to make sure that if something goes wrong with the conversion process, you are able to revert back to a working state.

Move attachments to disk

If attachments are not already stored on disk, follow the steps below:

  • Upgrade to latest MantisBT and keep 'admin' folder.
  • Create a folder to place attachments into
  • Make sure the attachments folder writable to your web server user
  • Set config variable $g_absolute_path_default_upload_folder to folder path (terminate with / or \ based on OS) in config_inc.php.
  • Set config variable $g_file_upload_method to DISK instead of DATABASE (no quotation marks around it) in config_inc.php.
  • Login to your MantisBT as administrator.
  • Go to http://path/to/mantisbt/admin/
  • Select System Utilities and Move Attachments to Disk.
  • Select all checkboxes under To Diskand click Move Attachments.
  • Verify that attachments were exported to the uploads folder defined above.
  • Test MantisBT and make sure attachments are accessible and not corrupt.

Convert DB to MySQL

  • Use MySQL Workbench to convert the DB to MySQL.
  • Make sure that all tables get converted. Sometimes Workbench will allow you to skip tables that it was unable to convert. In these cases it will provide warnings. You will need to address the issues raised in the warning to successfully convert all tables.

Create zip files and upload them

  • Create file for code + configs
  • Create file for db SQL dump.
  • Create file with all attachments.

Upload the 3 zip files to the file request link provided to you by MantisHub team.

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