How to restore a suspended or expired service

If you receive a suspension message when attempting to access your MantisHub, this is usually because your service has been suspended due to non-payment or you have a trial service that has expired. 

To restore your MantisHub there are a number of steps you can take.

If the suspension is due to non-payment, your account owner will have received several emails before hand asking them to update the payment details for your account. Only the account owner and anyone listed on the cc'd list of your account contact details will receive these notifications. 

Among these emails, there will be notification of cancellation of the service with the subject line "URGENT NOTICE: Your MantisHub subscription has been CANCELLED." Within this emails we provide a link to your billing portal for you to update your payment details. These links will still be valid up to 30 days after your account has been suspended. You can access this link to update your payment details and once payment has been processed your MantisHub will be automatically re-activated. 

Similarly, if you wish to re-activate your trial service, account owners will have received an email with subject "Your MantisHub trial has come to an end" containing a link to the billing portal. Once a payment method has been added into your billing portal and payment has been processed, your service will be automatically re-activated.

Note that for trial services, your MantisHub account will be activated with the plan you signed up to (typically Gold plan). If you wanted to switch plans after the activation you can go ahead and do so and your balance will be adjusted accordingly. That means that if you downgrade to a lower plan, you will be credited. If you upgrade to a platinum or an annual plan, you will only be charged the difference. 

And don't forget if anything is unclear or you need any help with the above, you can contact our support team at any time.



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