Invoice Billing Service

MantisHub does provide an invoice billing service. However, due to the extra overhead involved, this service has an annual surcharge of $50 and in order to qualify for this service you must be on the Platinum plan paid annually.

Supported payment methods for invoices include the following methods:

  • One-off credit card payment 
  • PayPal 
  • Bank transfer

When paying via bank transfer you will need to take into account any associated wire transfer/bank fees and include this in your payment so that you do not have an outstanding balance after the transfer.

MantisHub does NOT accept payment by check.

If you choose to proceed with the invoice billing service then a copy of your invoice will be automatically generated on your billing date and also throughout the year when any new charges are accrued. Invoices are then emailed to your account contacts.

Please note that if you are on invoice billing and your user count or storage increases beyond what is included in your plan you will receive an invoice at that time for the pro-rated annual charge (See Storage and User Pack Charges for more details). This means it is possible to receive invoices throughout the year even if you are on an annual plan. These invoices also need to be paid within 30 days and are individually invoiced (i.e. not cumulative and they will not appear on your annual bill) so you will need to keep track of each invoice. 

Invoice payments must be made within 30 days of your invoice date. If payment is not received within 30 days you will receive a past due reminder and if left unresolved your account will be suspended.

Please reach out to support if you are interested in switching to invoice billing. 

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