Reporting an Issue

Once you have created a project and some categories, Issues can be reported against these.

Head to the 'Report Issue' page.

If you have multiple projects, make sure the correct project is selected in the project filter in the top right of your screen. Then enter your mandatory fields

  1. Category - the appropriate area within the project in which to address the issue (See Managing Categories)
  2. Summary – A brief title for the issues
  3. Description – a detail description of the issue.


As well as your mandatory fields, you can set reproducibility, severity and priority as these apply to the issue. You can also assign it to a specific user directly from here.


There are options to set version information if you've created versions in your project. These are used to help organise your project issues and also to populate Changelog and Roadmap information.


Then click 'Submit Report'.


And you’re done! Now you can go grab a cuppa :).

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