Accessing your MantisHub and Billing Interface

As users signup for their MantisHub, they are often not sure about how to login for the first time.  At sign-up you will have:

1. nominated a name for your MantisHub (e.g. greatsoftware),

2. selected a domain ( or,

3. provided an email address and 

4. provided a password

Assuming that your MantisHub is named "greatsoftware" with a domain you will need to browse to:

To log in, your username will be administrator and the password will be the one you created at sign up. 

To manage your account (plan, contact details, payment method etc) there will be a 'Billing' tab available from the 'Manage' page within your MantisHub.




This tab will be accessible to all user accounts you define as administrators. 

You can also access your MantisHub using single sign-on with supported vendor accounts.


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