Setting up Time Tracking


MantisHub enables users to setup time tracking so that team members can log time against issues they are working on.  This feature can be enabled by adding a number of configuration options. To add configuration options, head to the 'Manage' page, select 'Manage Configuration' and click Configuration Report.  :



To enable the time tracking feature, add the following config option:-

Config Option:    time_tracking_enabled

Value:                   1


To enable time tracking with billing, which allows you to set an hourly rate, add the following config option:-

Config Optiontime_tracking_with_billing

Value:                   1


To enable time tracking stop watch, add the following config option:

Config Optiontime_tracking_stopwatch

Value:                   1


You can configure users access to Time Tracking with the below configuration options. Replace the below default settings DEVELOPER (55) or MANAGER (70) value with the desired access level as per this access level article :

  • Access level to view time tracking details within the issue: time_tracking_view_threshold - value 55
  • Access level to edit or enter time tracking details on issues: time_tracking_edit_threshold - value 55
  • Access level to view reports for time tracking: time_tracking_reporting_threshold - value 70

For more information on time tracking, have a look at our Using Time Tracking article.

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