Migrating your Data to MantisHub

Customers can migrate their existing MantisBT (v1.0+) MySQL database straight into MantisHub seamlessly. For customers on our Gold or Platinum annual plans, a MantisHub engineer will work with you to manage and test migrations over a weekend for a fee of $200.

Customers who are not migrating data from a MantisBT MySQL database can utilize our CSV import plugin to migrate existing issues across to their MantisHub.

Migrating to our MantisHub service from your existing supported database is a fairly simple process.

Firstly, sign up for a trial using your preferred MantisHub name. 


Feel free to try out the MantisHub experience. Included in the trial is an email training program to help you explore the functionality and features of MantisHub. Any data entered into the trial will be discarded when your MantisBT data is migrated.


Secondly, add a payment method to your account to setup your paid plan.


Lastly, email our support team to get started. You'll need to arrange an appropriate weekend for migration. On the scheduled Friday, provide our support team with your database and attachment data to be migrated and  We'll do the rest.


Once you are migrated, you can continue to log in with the same credentials you used with MantisBT and you won’t have to worry anymore about lost data or upgrades as we perform daily backups and keep your system up to date with all security and bug fixes as well as any new features. 


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