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It is pretty common for users to forget their password. MantisHub provides two ways to handle such scenario: "Forgot Password" and "Reset Password". Alternatively, you can also access your MantisHub using single sign-on with supported vendor accounts.

Forgot MantisHub Password (Self-Service)

"Forgot Password" is a self service scenario where users go to the login page, figure out they don’t remember their password, and then click the “Lost your password?” link.  Users are then asked for their user name and email address.  If correct, they are sent an email with a link which allows them to login to MantisHub and change their password.

Reset MantisHub User Password (by administrator)

"Reset Password" scenario is where a user reports to the administrator that they are not able to login into MantisHub. This can be due to forgetting their password and possibly user name or email address that they used when signing up. The administrator then goes to "Manage", "Manage Users", locates the user account and opens the user accounts details page.  Administrators clicks the "Reset Password" button and trigger an email to the user to allow them to get into MantisHub and set their password.


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