Setting up customer accounts to only access issues they reported


NOTE - PLEASE READ FIRST: The below configuration option is now deprecated. If you wish to restrict user access to issues, please read our article on Restricting User Access to Issues for details on how to do this now via workflow thresholds.


Often there is a desire to setup MantisHub in a way where customers have limited access to issues they have reported, while the development team still have a single project that hey can deal with spanning all customers and issues that are reported internally.  In such case, the expectations is to have customers:

  • Not to have access to issues that they haven't reported.
  • Report Issues
  • Comment on issues
  • Upload attachments
  • View, Search, and Filter their own issues
  • Close their own issues
  • Re-open resolved issues

Note that in such case a customer is a specific user account, and not a company that have multiple accounts.  Since as of now MantisHub doesn't have the concept of a "company".

Go to "Manage - Manage Configuration - Configuration Report" and add the following configuration options:

  • All Projects, All Users, limit_reporters, integer, 1
  • All Projects, All Users, allow_reporter_close, integer, 1
  • All Projects, All Users, allow_reporter_reopen, integer, 1
  • All Projects, All Users, allow_reporter_upload, integer, 1

Then make sure the customer accounts are created with REPORTER access. Such customer accounts will have access to public projects, but will require to be explicitly added to private projects to get access.

It is recommended to setup a reporter account for testing to validate that everything works the way you expect it work before inviting real customers to use this model.

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