JetBrains IDEs Integration

Integration with MantisHub could be used for tracking work items and improving workflow by attaching MantisHub tasks to integrating with JetBrain IDE (e.g. PhpStorm, IntelliJ, WebStorm, etc) contexts.

It takes 2 simple steps to set up

  1. Click on "Configure Servers" and add a Mantis Server



2. Create an API token in MantisHub and then plugin your Mantis URL, username and API token as the password.


After connection is established all tasks will be shown in a drop down menu as shown below.


Each task could be associated with a JetBrains context including a change list, workspace, etc. Associating task with a context will re-open all files that were open before switching tasks. It is not uncommon that developers work on multiple tasks at a time, so picking up where left off is very convenient, distraction free, saves time and hassle.

Each task could also be associated with a branch, so every time the task is changed, the branch automatically changes along with the context. 


Now off you go! Get a whole bunch more tasks done with your new super efficient setup :).
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