Single Sign-On for GitHub and Bitbucket

MantisHub supports single sign-on (SSO) with GitHub and Bitbucket. This allows you to access your MantisHub account using your GitHub or Bitbucket login credentials.  

As well as adding convenience this can also provide extra security. GitHub and Bitbucket support two factor authentication (2FA), so you may wish to have your users access MantisHub with either of these for a higher level of data security.

Firstly, administrators will need to install the plugin. Head to Manage - Manage Plugins and click the install button next to the single sign-on plugin listed in 'Available Plugins'.You'll now see options at the bottom of your login screen to connect into MantisHub with your GitHub or Bitbucket accounts. 

When you click on these, GitHub and Bitbucket will require you to allow MantisHub to access your account. You'll need to allow access on the consent forms displayed.  This should be a one time prompt.

The registered email in MantisHub for a user must match a verified email address (primary or secondary) with Github or Bitbucket.

If customer sign-up is enabled in your MantisHub and there is no match, a new user will be created in MantisHub with the username used for the provider login and the provider primary verified email address.


And you're done! Now you can go make yourself a hot cocoa :)


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