Setting default values for issue details


There are options available to allow you to set default values for issue fields. There are 2 types of fields within MantisHub, there are native fields and you can also create custom fields for any added information you want included in your issues. 

Custom Fields

For custom fields it's very simple to set a default value. Within the custom field configuration there is a option for this. Check out the article Adding Custom Fields for step by step instructions. Just note that this default value will be applied to all projects that are linked to this custom field.

Native fields

For some native fields you can create a configuration option to set a default value. 

Just head to the 'Manage' - 'Manage Configuration' page and click the 'Configuration Report' button. 

* Scroll down to 'Create Configuration Option'
* This can be set for either all projects or just a specific project.
* Enter configuration option (e.g. 'default_bug_description')
* Enter the correct Type for the configuration option listed below (e.g. string)
* Enter the value that you want to pre-populate in the relevant field. (e.g "please enter description of the issue...")


Default values can be set for the following fields:

Field Configuration Option Type Value
Description default_bug_description string as desired
Reproducibility default_bug_reproducibility integer REPRODUCIBILITY_<value> 
Priority* default_bug_priority integer priority option (e.g. NORMAL)
Severity* default_bug_severity integer severity option (e.g. MINOR)
Steps to reproduce default_bug_steps_to_reproduce string  as desired
Additional Info default_bug_additional_info string  as desired
View Status default_bug_view_status integer 'VS_PUBLIC' or 'VS_PRIVATE'


*NB: for priority and severity there is already a default option set of NORMAL and MINOR respectively. You would only use this configuration option if you want to override these system defaults. 




For multi-line fields like description, steps to reproduce and additional information, a popular use case for default values is to provide a template that reporters can fill in.  This often significantly improves the quality of the issue report, reduces discussion round trips and hence time to resolve the issue.


And you're done! Now you can go read a book :)

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