Changing Font


The default font used in MantisHub instances is 'Open Sans' but you can change this either within your personal preferences or set the default across the whole system using config options. 


Personal Preferences

To adjust your personal account font setting, click on your username in the top right and select My Account from the dropdown list. 


Then select the preferences tab and scroll down to the Font Family field. Select the desired font from the list provided and click Update preferences. 


System Setting

You can also set the default font for all user accounts. However, do note that if a user has set their personal preference this will override the system setting for their account.

To change the default font, just head to Manage - Manage Configuration - Configuration Report and create a new configuration option as below:

Username:                         All Users

Projects:                            All Projects

Configuration Option:       font_family

Type:                                string

Value:                               <choose from fonts listed below e.g. Cabin> 




Font choices

Amiko Gloria Hallelujah Oregano
Architects Daughter Inconsolata Palanquin
Archivo Narrow Josefin Sans  Poppins
Arvo  Kadwa  Raleway
Bitter   Karla  Rhodium Libre
 Cabin  Kaushan Script  Sarala
 Cinzel  Lato  Scope One
 Comfortaa  Montserrat  Secular One
 Courgette  Open Sans (deafult)  Ubuntu
 Droid Sans  Orbitron  Vollkorn



Font Suggestions

Font preference is of course very subjective so you may need to play around to find the right one for you. Some users have a preference for larger fonts. Our suggestion here would be to try 'Rhodium Libre' or 'Comfortaa'




Fonts_03_Rhodium.pngRhodium Libre


For those who need a greater differentiation between regular and bold text, we suggest you try 'Vollkorn' or 'Ubuntu' and 'Rhodium Libre' isn't too bad either. 







And that's it! Now you can go watch the World Cup - that's THE world cup :).  

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