MantisHub Referral Program

We really appreciate our customers and we especially appreciate those of you who are promoters. We loved receiving your positive feedback and glad you are a MantisHub fan!

We know that word of mouth is a powerful promotional tool and we think it's about time it was rewarded! So you can now get amazing rebates when you send new customers our way! 


Referral rewards

With the launch of our referral program, we have allocated each active customer a referral link associated with your MantisHub subscription. Share your direct signup link with as many people as you like and if they use your link to become a MantisHub customer, they'll get 10% off their first year subscription. And you can receive up to $100 credit on your account. 

For each new subscription that you refer, we'll credit your account the equivalent of the first 3 months of their subscription payments, capped at $100.

So for example... if your referred customer signs up using your referral link for a Gold monthly plan ($29.95pm), they'll get a 10% discount and pay $26.95pm. So in the first 3 months, this adds up to $80.85. We'll add this amount to your MantisHub account to be used toward your plan and add-on payments. 


Where to find your referral link

Administrators can find the referral link on your MantisHub plan page where your account information is displayed. 



and we've also included in on your invoices and statements.



Sharing your link

You can copy your link and paste it into emails or other social media message whenever you like. The easiest way to share your link is directly from your plan page. Included next to your referral details is a quick link that you can click to share on twitter. Followers can click on the link and sign up for a free trial to try it out.  



Below are some other suggested social media messages you can copy and paste. Replace the placeholder <your referral link> with your actual link copied from your plan page or statements and share the message via facebook, LinkedIn or whichever medium you chose. 

Suggested tweets/posts:

Here's a great deal with @mantishub hosted #issuemanagement. Sign up here <your referral link> to get 10% off for a year!  #mantisbt #bugtracker #issuetracker

Highly recommend @mantishub for any #issuetracker #bugtracker needs! Use this link to sign up for your free trial and get 10% for the first year of your subscription! <your referral link> #mantisbt #projectmanagement #helpdesk

 My #issuetracker needs have been solved thanks to @mantishub ! Sign up for a free trial to see how they can help with your business needs. Use this link to get 10% off the first year! <your referral link> #mantisbt #bugtracker #projectmanagement #helpdesk

Using @mantishub has made tracking bugs and issues super easy for me! Check it out with their free trial. Use this link to get 10% off the first year! <your referral link> #mantisbt #bugtracker #projectmanagement #helpdesk

Simple and feature-packed, I recommend you check out @mantishub for tracking bugs and issues! Use my referral link to get 10% off for the first year subscription! <your referral link> #mantisbt #bugtracker #issuetracking #helpdesk


For any questions on our referral program, just reach out to the team by emailing  


Terms & Conditions

Participation in ManitsHub referral program and awarding of reward credits are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You must have an active MantisHub subscription. Referral rewards/credits can only be applied to active subscriptions.
  • Credits will be applied after 3 months of successful payments by the new referred customer. Rewards are allocated as MantisHub subscription credits and not redeemable for cash. Reward credits are not payable as cash in the event of cancellation. Reward credits are non-transferable
  • The referral reward for a new customer is forfeited if referred customer cancels within 30 days of reward allocation.
  • Referrals are tracked through sign-ups using referral links only. Referrals cannot be retrospectively applied once signup is completed. 
  • MantisHub reserves the right to cancel all services where the referral system is found to be abused.
  • Terms & Conditions, as well as referral reward policies, are subject to change. Participants will be notified in advance of any changes.
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