Auto-complete for users and issue IDs

Auto-complete is enabled in MantisHub to help you automatically fill in usernames and/or issue IDs within your issues.

Auto-complete is supported within a MantisHub issue for:

  • Usernames within the "Users monitoring this issue" section.
  • Usernames when using '@' user mentions in issue notes, description or summary. 
  • Issue IDs when using the '#' key reference in issue notes, description or summary
  • Issue IDs within the "Relationships" section 

Note that auto-complete does not provide a full list of all users or all issues since these lists would be quite long and make auto-complete unusable. MantisHub auto-complete contains intelligence to provide relevant suggestions. It will display:

  • Users involved with an issue (e.g. reporter, handler, those who have added notes, monitoring users etc)
  • Users with access level developer and above for the project to which the issue belongs.
  • Issue IDs that have been recently viewed.
  • Issue IDs related to that issue.



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