Accessing MantisHub from your Mobile

It's expected that MantisHub users will need to access their service from their mobiles. Rather than producing an app, MantisHub provides optimized mobile interfaces via your mobile browser. So when you receive email notifications or updates via your chat integration you can simply click on the issue links to read further or action.

There are 2 options for mobile access available to you:

  • Default Responsive UI (recommended) - This is the same UI you get on the desktop browser but adapted to smaller screen.  It has the full product functionality powered by the core service.
  • MantisTouch - This is a lighter weight but limited interface that is an add-on on the core MantisHub service.  The functionality is limited to core functionality.  This can be enabled by installing the MantisTouch plugin.

Both options are designed to work well on any mobile device that has a modern HTML 5 browser. And you can create a mobile web app on both Android and iPhone to sit on your home page for easy access.

In addition to the above, you will find some native apps in the App Store or Play Store that are developed by 3rd party developers by search for "Mantis Bug Tracker".  This would typically need to be installed or purchased via the store by each of your users.

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