Monthly vs. Annual Plans

For even better value on our already low pricing, MantisHub offers Annual Plans.

For each of our month to month plan options Starter, Gold or Platinum, you can choose to move to an annual plan with a discounted rate and the convenience of a single invoice per year. 

The annual plan rate for Gold and Platinum is 11 times the monthly plan which means you get one month free! For Starter plans, the savings are even greater with almost 30% off!

Annual plans provide the opportunity to lock today’s prices for the next 12 months, but offers no refunds on cancellation.

User and Storage pack add-ons are also charged at the discounted rate giving you one month free. We check your MantisHub once a month for any extra add-ons. We then pro-rate the charge until your next renewal and apply it to your registered payment method. 

To switch your plan over, access your account management interface via the 'Billing' tab in your MantisHub


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