Setting up Anonymous Access

MantisHub supports enabling read-only access for anonymous users. This model is useful to enable users to browse your issues without having to create an account first. However, if users are going to report issues or comment on issues, they are required to have an account with reporter access. Anonymous access also enables search engines to index your MantisHub issues.

The anonymous access provides read-only access, rather than read-write, for the following reasons:

  1. Avoid spam
  2. It is often useful to ask questions to the issue reporters, hence, allowing anonymous submissions is not helpful.
  3. Having issues associated with a specific reporter user account enables limiting such reporters to only view issues they reported (see limiting reporters to access issues they reported). 

Following are the steps to enable anonymous access:

  1. Create user 'anonymous' with VIEWER access and any valid email address.  This will grant the anonymous user VIEWER access to all public projects.
  2. Mark the user as 'protected'.  This makes sure that users that are anonymous are not able to change profile information for user 'anonymous'.
  3. To enable anonymous access to private projects (typically doesn't make sense), go to Manage, Manage Projects, [Project Name], and grant user VIEWER access.
  4. Contact MantisHub support to enable the feature for your instance.  Note that this requires a paid plan.

Often along with anonymous access it is desirable to enable users to signup and get reporter accounts.

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