Troubleshooting Email Notifications

If you are not receiving email notifications as expected here are some things that you can check:

1. Check the users email address in their user account setup.  Make sure it is set, and there are no typos.

2. User should check their spam or junk folder.  If the email is found there, then they should mark it as 'not junk' or drag it to Inbox.  Make sure to add the  the sender email address (typicallynoreply@<yourmantishubname> to their contacts or email whitelist.  Some providers have an option to not treat future emails from this as spam.

3. For Office 365 users, check 'Clutter' folder, and if found there move back to inbox.

4. Next, make sure your email notification configuration is correct. Remember that you can have email notifications settings

  • for all projects,
  • for specific projects (overrides all project settings), and
  • set in the user preferences (can disable notifications enabled as per project configuration).

5. If your notifications are based on users access level, remember that a user can have a global access level and a different access level for a specific project so make sure this aligns with your notification settings.

6. Then you need to make sure that the action that is supposed to trigger the notification took place. Here is where the event log comes in handy. This will show you when the action occurred, who triggered it and the notification list. Turn this on when you need to troubleshoot email notification issues, then turn it off once you are done.

7. If event log shows that the recipient was included for notification, but they didn't receive it, then it may be an issue with their email system or rules.

8. If all this checks out and you're still not getting that email notification, now's the time to call in the big guys. Contact support and make sure you include the following information:

  • The issue in questions or if more than one issue is affected provide a couple of examples.
  • The action that was taken that should have triggered the notification,
  • The user who has not received notification and if possible, a user who has received it for comparison.
  • If the affected user receive other notifications.
  • If the affected user ever received any notifications from MantisHub.
  • If other users in the same company/domain are receiving notifications.
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