Estimating Disk Space Requirements

MantisHub plans have various storage allowance so when looking to migrate your existing database, getting an estimate on what storage you need will be useful to help select the appropriate plan. 

The disk space covers three aspect:

  • The database
  • The attachments (if not part of the database)
  • The user backup which is created upon administrator request (which is a compressed version of the two above).

Note that user backup is different from daily backups which is not counted against the disk space quota.

For your migration you will need to prepare your data. So you'll be creating file of this information ready for migrations.

If you currently save attachments to disk, then the size of this folder x 2 combined with your database size x 2 is a good approximation of the space you need.

If you save attachments to the database, then dump the SQL database and the size of this file x 2 is a good approximation of the space you need.

You should note that even if you do exceed the plan allowance you wont be prevented from storing your data, we'll simply add the necessary storage to your account for an extra fee ($3 per gig per month).  You may also upgrade to the next plan which has a higher allowance.

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