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Issue Reminders

You may wish to call attention to a particular issue. Maybe you want to remind Joe that he needs to update an issue, or you have a relevant question you want Sarah to answer in relation to the issue. MantisHub generally recommend making use of @ mentions but you also have the option to send a reminder.

At the top of your issues, you'll see there is a 'Send a reminder' button.

You can simply write up a message and select the users you wish to receive the reminder. The users will be emailed the message and it will also be added to the issue as a note.

The users will also be set to monitor the issue and, depending on your email notification settings, they will be notified of any other updates to the issue. They can 'End Monitoring' by clicking the button or delete themselves from monitoring users list.

Configuration Options

  1. Reminders are on by default and can be turned off with this configuration option

All Projects, All Users, reminder_recipients_monitor_bug, integer, 0

  1. Reminders may only be sent to users with access level developer and above by default. You can amend this threshold with the following configuration option:

All Projects, All Users, reminder_receive_threshold, integer, 55

55 is the access level for developers. So in this case, users can only remind those with access level DEVELOPER+. See list of access levels.

  1. You can also set the default view status (public or private) for reminders

All Projects, All Users, default_reminder_view_status, integer, 10

If reminders are set to private (10) or public (50). The note created for the reminder is set accordingly as a private or public note. Default is public.

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